What Is A Fish Finder?

Men and women have been fishing almost since the dawn of time. And while the tools and technologies of the trade have changed throughout the centuries, the truth of the matter is that fishing was relatively simple and straightforward until just a few short years ago.

Technology has really started to transform many of our favorite hobbies, but none more so than fishing and our interaction with the great outdoors. High-speed rod and reel, all kinds of tackle options, hard-core information about the proper techniques and tactics for catching our favorite types of sufficient have all become more and more accessible – but nothing has changed the face of fishing more than an actual fish finder.

What exactly is a fish finder?

If you have ever caught more fish than your friends on a regular basis, the odds are likely that you yourself have been called a fish finder. But that’s not the kind of fish finder we’re talking about right now.

No, the fish finder that we are talking about is a technological advantage that you can use to actually find and locate fish in all of your favorite fishing holes, lakes, rivers, and streams. Almost always a handheld unit (but not every time), the right fish finder can give you an almost unfair advantage when it comes to catching fish – guaranteeing then you’re going to have some kind of catch to bring home at the end of the day.

What Is a Fishfinder?

How do fish finders work?

Using the same kind of technology that submarines and bats use on a regular basis to echolocate, you’ll be tapping into sonar technology. Fish finder solutions push a sound wave to the bottom of the lake, where then bounces back up to the receiver. From there, any and all bits of interference will be calculated, diagnosed as to whether or not it’s an obstacle, obstruction, or fish, and then you’ll have a readout directly on your screen.

This allows you to have an actual graphical interface that shows you exactly where the fish are right now – as well as an estimated size for the school that you are looking at.

Interesting research has been released in just the last few years pointing to the fact that 90% or so of the fish in any given body of water congregate in about 10% of the water. This means that if you’re not fishing in the right 10% of the lake at any specific point in time, you’re probably not going to see any real action on your bait.

Using a fish finder solution allows you to cut the guessing entirely out of the game, letting you know whether or not dropping your real into the water is going to be an effective measure or if you are simply wasting your time.

Now, it’s true that some people feel that fish finder solutions take a little bit out of the “old school” methods of fishing – and that is certainly true to a degree – but the fact of the matter is that if you’re in it to bring something home (or just want to catch that trophy fish without wasting any time), a fish finder solution can give you an almost unfair advantage to do just that.